All Categories Update: Upload Contacts!

Need to add contacts to new or existing campaigns? Easy! There are several ways in which you can add contacts to a campaign. can pull leads directly from your marketing automation platform, CRM or you can push leads in real-time using our API. With’s new upload contact capability, you can add to a […]

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product_update_personalizedemails Update: Personalized Emails!

With, you are now able to create personalized emails to effectively connect with your various target audiences according to their specific attributes. Need to reach out to people in Insurance, Tech  and Media? We got you covered! For example, it’s difficult to connect with customers when they do not all belong to the same […]

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How Not To Prospect On LinkedIn

How not to prospect on LinkedIn I get several unsolicited messages on LinkedIn a week and I personally have no issue with that. It is the new way of selling. Twenty years ago, people knocked on your door. Today, they knock on your inbox. Recently I got this LinkedIn message from someone I don’t know with […]

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